Folly Farm Cottage


Website Design
Bruce McFarlane creates and maintains websites for a range of different clients and industries, including B&B properties, self-catering properties, village websites, and commercial sites. With over 10 years' experience in creating sites, he can respond to the needs of the client and produce a bespoke product that is fit for purpose. While generally working alone, he has access to the services of a copywriter for the more technical writing required for some commercial sites; he also uses the services of a quality photographer; and, on occasion, a film crew. Please see below for a select portfolio of his work.

Folly Farm Cottage, Ilmington Swallow Barn, Hartpury
Folly Farm Cottage B&B Swallow Barn Self Catering
Ilmington Gisbournes Garage
Ilmington Village Website Gisbourne's Car and Commercial Garage
Amphlett Chatterton Chausalle of Warwick
Amphlett Chatterton Solicitors Chausalle Ladies Boutique
Shipston Deanery Ilmington Music Festival
Shipston Deanery Ilmington Music Festival
Ilmington Community Shop Treuzare
Ilmington Community Shop Treuzare - Brittany Gite
Little Wedderburn North Cotswold Farrier
Little Wedderburn Holiday Let North Cotswold Farrier
Cleanse Medical Hanya Partners
Cleanse Medical Cleaners Hanya Partners Consultants