Richard Shurey


Richard Shurey

Richard Shurey lives in the the Cotswolds with his wife Rosemary and two dogs. He has written twenty best-selling books about the English countryside and published several novels. This book is "a delightful breath of Cotswold air" said one critic.
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Richard Shurey's latest novel
is a wonderful literary evocation of the secluded
Cotswold world of the late 19th century.
Compton Farley was a cloistered village hidden in
a valley. Largely inaccessible, this was a defence
against the changing of its unique character. The
place was said to have been suspended in a time
warp and perhaps had gone to sleep. The story
wends a fascinating rural way through the struggles
of those working the land and the pains and
pleasures of the country life. We see the intrigues
of those in a higher strata of society and those
struggling below. The story leads up to a
surprising finale.

The book is decorated with many delightful fine
pen and ink drawings by Simon Shurey. He was
educated at Bournville College of Art, Birmingham
and specialises in nature and country studies.

Those who love the beautiful Cotswold countryside
will find the book a delightful read.